Find the Beauty of your Being,
in Harmony with Existence

Welcome Friend

We are Akash and Divya, the founders of the Simple Harmony Institute.

You ARE and always have been
in Harmony with Existence
whether you realise it or not.

That being said, being a human is a very complicated endeavor in this modern world, with all of the physical, emotional and psychological and spiritual challenges that we encounter in our daily lives.

We here at the Simple Harmony Institute provide courses and sessions in the different modalities of Conscious Touch, Breath, Energy Healing, Classical Astrology, Yoga, Tantra and other forms of Meditation Practices to transform your being and learn to make the most out of the life right now.

Come and learn, share your being, laugh, cry, share your love and find that unwavering flame of passion, of light and awareness that resides within you. Get to know more about us below.


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